Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Plagiarism checker display a limited number of results?

Our plagiarism checker software takes up substantial resources. Thus we are only capable of providing a restricted number of results in our free online plagiarism detection services.

We at Plagiarism Checker have developed a proficient Plagiarism Checker Software. You can enjoy more than 2,000 queries a month. No Need to copy/paste the entire content of your article, just click on “submit” button and our Plugin will start checking whole content word by word. You can also contrast duplicated content via clicking on phrases. If you believe you need to copy/paste content to check plagiarism, then you are wrong. The entire procedure of finding duplicated content begins in just through clicking a button.

Our best free plagiarism checker is super-fast and shows you accurate results. No need to be anxious about your website content if you are already familiar with this free SEO tool. Certainly, we check every single word in your article and show you the results accordingly. Green highlighted sentences show the exclusive content whereas red highlighted sentences mean those are copied. If you wish to check demo version, just have a look at google plagiarism checker. If you have already utilized this tool, you can say that up to 1500 Queries are satisfactory for a normal user. Though, we allow up to 2000 queries each month so that our clients can check their stuff without any hassle.

Webmasters have unusual challenges while we talk about finding plagiarism. The vibrant nature of their work makes it impracticable to check for every single work done for infringement. Worse still, with spam blogging and RSS scraping on the boost, their content is often boosted until or unless new works are posted. It is significant to note that Plagiarism Checker Software’s database is a bit restricted in size, covering only a minor fraction of the website’s images. Hence, it is targeted very well to detect the worst infringers and those that you should anxious about.