Frequently Asked Questions

When I notice some matches in a Plagiarism Checker search, does that indicate my text has been plagiarized?

Our state-of-the-art plagiarism checker detects identical content online, but does not make assessments regarding which web page is the genuine, or whether the content has been plagiarized from another source. When some matches are found, it could be that a single web page has copied from another that single page is acceptable quoting another that both web pages are quoting from identical external sources, or that identical phrases come about to appear on both webpages by chance. It is fit for the user to scrutinize every single case with extreme care and define the nature of the duplication found. Please see our plagiarism software guide to Plagiarism for additional information on responding and identifying to website plagiarism.

If you are a writer in search of plagiarism checker software, Google plagiarism checker is your best friend. Google’s massive database of websites; pooled with its proficiency to search other kinds of documents make it a powerful tool for chasing infringement.

To significantly boost up this process, you can make use of a powerful tool known as Plagiarism Checker Software to make the whole process of searching via Google much more proficient. To utilize our plagiarism checker, you simply enter URL of the work you wish to check and afterward click on submit button. Plagiarism checker will do the rest.

Plagiarism software uses Google search engine as its backend thus it will entail the same restrictions as the Google itself regarding what it chooses. Moreover, the free online version may be too restricted for only a few users as it only returns 10-15 results in one time.

If you are fascinated about unlimited, free service, you may desire to have a glance at plagiarism checker that is similar to Copyscape, but it also allows you to copy/paste text and get limitless results free of cost. Our service utilizes the Google search engine on its backend, meaning it will create different outcomes than Google.