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What I need to do if someone has stolen my written stuff?

In protecting your rights against online plagiarists, it is imperative to be both proactive as well as vigilant. Plagiarism Checker's guide to online plagiarism comprises off simple, easy steps you can take to get rid of and respond to online plagiarism.

Any circumstances in which an individual utilizes your written stuff whether it is your images or your composed stuff without a link back to your website is called content theft. Indeed, even making use of one of your images with ascription may be considered as infringement relying on whether or not you have considered it creative commons.

Frequently a phone call or polite email requesting them to remove content or provide attribution in the form of a link towards your website will be enough. Our Best Plagiarism Checker’s manual helps to terrifically in this regard. Under several circumstances, you will be capable of finding contact info on the website’s contact page, though if not, you can run a search on our Plagiarism Checker Software.

This communication is recognized as a ‘cease & desist’ letter, and relying on the nature of stealing, you may or may not need to make use of this terminology. For example, if an otherwise trustworthy webmaster or blogger has unintentionally utilized one of your images, a friendly, polite email is typically sufficient. For a website that is openly scraping your website content hence, you may need to utilize big guns, and caution of further action should the text not be removed immediately.

If a webmaster shows lame excuses to take down your content or doesn’t reply to your email or phone call within a specified amount of time, the subsequent step would be to contact website’s hosting company. You can take benefit of our best free plagiarism checker guide to get this info. In a few situations, it may ultimately result in the web content being removed, whereas in others it may result in the overall website being shut down.